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Victor Strategy Web Design and Development Project

Victor Strategy

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Victor Strategy are business consultants that provide data-driven decision-making. Through organizing data, creating on-demand visualizations and dashboards of key metrics, and analyzing the data in light of strategy, Victor Strategy helps companies make better decisions for their business context. Their work has a powerful impact on business success, so they needed a look and website that captured their intellect, tools and expertise.

Key FeaturesKey Features

Logo Design

Victor Strategy wanted a new brand that expressed the clarity their services bring: straightforward, strong and decisive action based on a solid and proven foundation. Through close consultation, we developed a logo that hits the right notes without anything extra. A classic look communicates their knowledge and experience, and sharp lines reflect the intensity and power of their process.

Victor Strategy Logo

Message Development

Working alongside Victor Strategy’s ongoing messaging efforts, we wrote website content that gets to the core of what Victor Strategy is about: understand your data, make better decisions.  Connecting this message to the Victor Strategy’s process and services builds up the value of the offering in the eyes of prospective clients. By making these connections, Victor Strategy can more confidently express the deep value that was already present in their work.

Custom Website Design and Development

A custom-built WordPress website gives Victor Strategy a polished platform to share their message and collect leads. Subtle design flourishes like animations and angled layouts speak to the quality of what Victor Strategy offers. A flexible blog platform allows Victor Strategy to share their knowledge as they continue to build their brand.



Working with Jeremy at Viewpoint is a truly human experience. He brings a refreshing deep personal interest into the success of your site and brand which helped us express the professional yet simple attitude we were looking for. Thomas Membury
Data Strategist, Founder
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