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Classic Designs

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Classic Designs is a retail chain providing oil paintings, home and garden decor, jewellery and accessories. Each item has been hand selected from artisans across the world, and with over 10,000 items in stock, Classic Designs has something to fit every style and taste. With such a large inventory, Classic Designs needed a website that integrated with their current inventory management system, and was easy to browse.

Key FeaturesKey Features

Inventory Management and Point of Sale Integration

Classic Designs has a large and complex inventory with thousands of items. Products are grouped into unique categories with a custom set of parameters used across physical locations, point of sale software and inventory software. To integrate these products with a website required several steps: customization of Classic Design’s Vend POS database, linking Vend to the Shopify e-commerce platform, configuring Shopify categories and parameters to mirror Vend, and documenting the flow of information so Classic Designs can bulk add or edit products and categories in the future. Smooth integration across platforms saves Classic Design’s staff time and energy when adding or changing products.

Shopify Customization

Vend’s integration with Shopify made it the right e-commerce platform to use for this project, but the out-of-the-box functionality provided by Shopify didn’t support such a large and complex inventory well. Deep customizations were made to Shopify template code to support nested categories and menus, and  oil paintings filterable by dimensions. These customizations make it much easier for customers to browse a large inventory to find what they want.

Branding Integration

Starting with a pre-built template, Viewpoint made significant front-end customizations through custom code to bring in Classic Design’s branding across the site. Consistency in look across platforms gives Classic Designs a trustworthy edge.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jeremy at Viewpoint. He was so knowledgeable and professional! He created a website for us that seamlessly integrates thousands of our products with our POS system. Not only did he listened carefully to our needs, but the end result exceeded our expectations, was delivered on time and within our budget. Viewpoint was recommended to us and now in turn we can highly recommend Viewpoint to any company requiring a professional website developer. Sharolie Nicols
Vice President, Classic Designs
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